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Muchas Gracia, Sharon. Light and spicy, perfect for summer lunch. We love jicama, I just hate peeling the things. Made for the Epicurean Queen Team, ZWT5.

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BakinBaby June 05, 2009

This was a very fresh and delicious salad. I've had Jicama before, one of our restaurants here in town uses it in fresh veggie dishes, so I knew what to expect from that as far as texture and flavor. But the flavor of THIS salad took me by surprise. We just loved the sweetness of the oranges and cucumbers with the bite from the pepper sauce and jalapenos (fresh from our garden), and the lime added just the right hint of tanginess. A HUGE hit with DH, who always welcomes new salads at the table. Thanks Sharon123, for a new keeper. Made for ZWT5, Bodacious Brickhouse Babes.

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FloridaNative June 05, 2009

Refreshing, crispy, healthful, and unique are only four of many adjectives I could use to describe this great salad. We loved it! I misread the recipe and ended up short of oranges, but didn't really miss them. My DD dislikes spicy foods, so I down played the jalapenos and kept the hot sauce on the table. I'll be putting this in my favorite salads folder, Sharon. I'm so glad you posted this!

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Geema November 29, 2005

Thanks Sharon123! I migrate towards your recipes when I am looking for something. You have so many great compositions! You didn't let me down here! I was hoping for more spice so I added a dash of red pepper flakes and it was perfecto!

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932ninja May 07, 2013
Jicama Salad With Cilantro and Chiles