Jicama-Orange Salad with Chipotle Vinaigrette

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Total Time
30 mins
0 mins

Refreshing, and exotic and spicy, everything a boring everyday salad could ask for!

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  1. Arrange individual leaves of romaine on salad plates as bed for salad.
  2. Remove rind and pith from oranges, and slice across to expose the sections; about 1/4" each slice.
  3. Remove seeds as necessary.
  4. Spread oranges over lettuce in a fan pattern, sprinkling with jicama, olives, and cilantro leaves (flat leaf parsley may be used if you prefer).
  5. For the vinaigrette dressing, make a paste out of the chilies, salt, pepper, and garlic, by placing in a bowl and pressing with a flat mallet or other suitable utensil.
  6. Add fruit juices and olive oil, whisking together well.
  7. Pour over salad and serve.
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I had to tone down the heat in this dressing a bit by adding juice of 3 oranges and 3 limes but it was a low fat alternative to regular dressing with a whole lot of punch. And I am no stranger to hot and spicy things. This is great! I am still enjoying the dressing on different salads!