Jewish - Old Family Secret Recipe - Mock Kishka

Total Time
Prep 9 hrs
Cook 1 hr

Different! Does not taste like vegetables.


  1. Grind vegetables twice.
  2. Grind crackers once.
  3. Mix both together.
  4. Melt butter.
  5. Add to beaten egg.
  6. Mix all together.
  7. Shape into 2 long rolls on greased foil.
  8. Wrap each roll separately inthe foil, air tight.
  9. Freeze overnight or longer.
  10. Bake frozen 350 degrees for 1-1 1/2 hours.
  11. Cut into 1" slices.
Most Helpful

Ugh! Butter has no place in a kishka recipe. True kishka is a meat meal, normally stuffed in cow's intestines or whatever is used these days. Never, never, made with butter. Sorry but this takes it out of a Jewish recipe by far. Chicken fat or goose fat yes. Vegetable oil is yes also but NEVER BUTTER!

Sandyjnh1 January 06, 2012