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I fiddled with this recipe a little bit b/c I used fresh strawberries. I used 2 cups cherries and 1 1/2 cups strawberries. I used SureJell but in looking closer at the recipe it calls for a 3 oz package which is what Certo(liquid pectin) comes in. The technique is different for SureJell and Certo as well so be sure to use the right one. Since I used SureJell, I added the SureJel with the fruit and cooked it to a rolling boil and then added the sugar and boiled it for 1 minute. If you use Certo, you add the sugar with the fruit and boil it, then add the Certo and boil it again. I also Hot water bathed the jars as it is the safer preservation method. It is very tasty and beautifull colored jam. I had no trouble with the fruit floating to the top. It stayed distributed perfectly.

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*Z* July 20, 2009
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