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In our house we call this one Dorrito taco salad. :) This is a yummy salad that everyone seems to look forward to. We have been known to add a can of kidney beans to the meat while it's cooking and it adds to the dish nicely. Low fat way to bulk up the protein. My husband typically uses ranch dressing with this one and I personally like italian dressing...it adds a nice tang to it...and surprisingly it tastes really nice with it. :) You should give it a shot. I'm happy to see this on here. :)

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Johnsdeere September 24, 2009

Simple and good! Ours seemed to need more lettuce; I can't fault the recipe and good reason was given for not overdoing it, but I think we'll stir in a little more at serving time so it's not in there in storage. We served this for supper and our family members ate big heaping servings, but the recipe makes a lot and there will be some for tomorrow. Nice variation on a classic and enjoyed by all.

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Lavender Lynn September 21, 2009
Jessie's Taco Salad