Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins


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  1. Thats right, just mix all ingredents in with drained tuna and sandwich between any bread.
  2. YUM! Bon Appetit!
Most Helpful

Very easy to make, and delicious! I used a green apple and miracle whip...I think mayo would be better, though. I'll definitely make this again.

ceruleanseven April 03, 2008

A terrific combination. I opted to use real mayonnaise. I chopped the pecans pretty small. I always have onion in my tuna salads, but I honestly didn't miss it...... although I may add it when I make this again. Thanx for sharing! This would be great as a chicken salad, too!

*Parsley* March 28, 2008

DELICIOUS!! DE-LISH-EUS! So easy to make, so tasty and no eggs!! The apple I used was perfectly ripe, full of flavor. I used just a little bit of dill relish because I don't like the sweet kind. I also toasted my bun. Delicious!! (I said delicious about a million times while I was eating it too.)

.TnT. December 08, 2007