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Completely delicious! I made a few minor adjustments, so that I could turn my leftovers into a yummy soup. I doubled the leeks, broth, tarragon, lemon and only used 3 chicken breasts (just 2 of us at dinner). When the chicken went in, I added some carrots that I boiled for 3 minutes. I served it with couscous, covering that with some of the broth too. With the leftovers, I just cut up the chicken and carrots, then dumped them back in. Even though I was completely full, I had a hard time resisting tasting all the way until I put a lid on the container!

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rsnelling42 July 28, 2010

We both really liked this. It was a crazy evening and I really didn't have anything to even go with it. But I'm sure it would be great tasting to use the sauce with mashed potatoes or something. The sauce made the chicken breasts moist. We will make this again. I made this for "Cookbook Tag". Thanks very much for the recipe!

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WhatamIgonnaeatnext? July 11, 2010
Jerry Traunfeld's Tarragon Chicken Breast With Buttery Leeks