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This pizza is really good, very similar to cpks version. The only thing i did differently was mash the black beans with sauteed onions and garlic. I also put the black bean mash on the pizza first then the canned tomatoes which i didn't drain. I also then put the cheese on and let it bake. Afterwards i put lettuce, tomatoes, ranch dressing, and tortilla chips! It was good!

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amandagandhi December 20, 2007

This was pretty good. My husband said he didn't like it very well, but he DID eat the leftovers. Those were pretty good as well. I might try mashing the black beans next time and spreading it on the top because the beans rolled off the pizza. Otherwise, it was something different and it was a fun change.

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Julie F November 06, 2007

I enjoyed this pizza so much! Each topping gave tons of wonderful flavor and texture. I particularly liked the spicy tomatoes and the crushed tortilla chips! I intended to use a prebaked pizza crust but I didn't like the way they looked in the package. I decided to make my own using An Italian's Classic Pizza Dough. I was able to get 2 pizzas from the crust recipe so I made one of these and one regular peperoni and cheese. The tostada pizza was far better! I prebaked the crust, put the toppings on and put it back in the oven to melt the cheese. It was wonderful with the crunchy lettuce and creamy, tangy ranch dressing on top of the hot pizza. YUM!

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Heather'sKitchen May 26, 2007
Jen's Tostada Pizza