Jen's Best Ever Crock Pot Roast

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Total Time
5hrs 10mins
10 mins
5 hrs

I'm going to praise myself for a minute here and say this really is the best tasting roast EVER. AND I challenge everyone to check it out. The flavor is amazing, THE LEFT OVERS, ESPECIALLY THE POTATOES, WERE AWESOME THE NEXT DAY!!!!!! please NOTE** regarding the review received--I tried making it with a packet of dry Italian seasoning mix and it was just as good!

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  • 4 lbs beef roast (I USED A POT ROAST)
  • 1 (10 1/2 ounce) can Campbell's French onion soup
  • 2 cups zesty Italian salad dressing (or one packet dry mix zesty Italian seasoning)
  • 4 large baking potatoes (cut up into 3 or 4 large pieces)
  • 1 dash ground red pepper
  • 1 dash black pepper
  • 1 dash seasoning salt
  • 1 dash garlic salt


  1. Peel and chop potatoes, place in bottom of pot.
  2. Rinse meat with water, pat dry.
  3. Meat lays on top of potatoes.
  4. Season meat to taste.
  5. Pour can of soup over roast.
  6. Add salad dressing over roast also.
  7. Cook on low 8-9 hours or on high a little over 5 hours.
  8. ENJOY!
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This roast is terrific!! We used our gravy/fat separator for the yummy gravy to get rid of the fat. IT was awesome!! We will make this again!!

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Very good. A great comfort dish that doesn't heat up the kitchen. I added in some carrots to make it a complete meal. Thanks!

I'm sorry, but that was the worst meal I've ever made. Waste of money. My husbands clam omlet is better. To think, I spent all that money, in these time of hardship. Sorry