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We made this the other week when the neighbourhood got together for a Barbie. It was a HeatherFeather theme Barbie. We had the best fun making it. For the fruit, we used apricots and raisins and a few dried bananas. It was truly a huge hit with the young kids and the old kids. Your recipe, I mean, Jenny’s recipe, has now been given to 6 families in my community. My friend across the street said she took the popcorn to footy this arvo and the boys loved it. Everyone agrees that this popcorn is far better than the plain old caramel popcorn!!! :-) Thank you for sharing.

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Chrissyo March 29, 2003

My dd's birthday is 3 days before Halloween and we like to stay away from a halloween theme. I found this recipe and decided to bag it up in favor bags for each of the kids. I loved the fall taste of the spices (we did not use nuts) and added my own dried apples with skins still on and raisins. It was a hit! I like the idea of adding dried bananas and I'll try that next. I have never made oven baked caramel popcorn and this was very easy for me. With the hot caramel I would suggest not letting young children help you when pouring the caramel onto the popcorn or stiring it either.

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Chef LeeLeeLee November 28, 2007

This was a great tasting version of the usual mix.

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nvermd April 16, 2004
Jenny's Harvest Popcorn Mix