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A wonderful Pizza dough, though I've never seen anyone who used honey in thiers but this came out very well. To spread it, I laid it out on some flour and used my hands to work it. I've also worked in a pizza place so knew how to throw it. DO not try this if you've never done it- its very messy. To get the pizza to round out try pushing it flat and then tossing it from hand to hand while spinning it slightly. We used ours to make a BBQ chicken pizza and loved it. Thanks so much

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~*Sarah*~ December 21, 2002

This was the best pizza I have ever made!!! NO JOKE!! I tried refigerating it overnight and then letting it rise the next day. I put it outside to rise, thinking that it would rise nicely in the Arizona heat. Wrong idea. I failed to realize that something sitting in the hot Phoenix sun can get over 200 degrees. My dough ended up getting cooked instead of rising. Lesson be learned, do not let your dough rise outside in the Phoenix sun. However, I realized it was cooking with enough time to do another batch and let it rise for two hours, and trust me, the trouble was worth it. It was great, I will definitely use this recipe again and again. No more take out for me! Thanx for a great recipe!!!

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Chance777 June 18, 2003

This was a great recipe. The crust taste good all by itself or with a good tomato basil sauce. the only thing i changed was i added about a tablespoon of sugar in with the yeast and water. That helped it proof better. I also needed to add a slpash more water to the dough to help it come together. It baked fantastically!

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Jolanah February 03, 2010

I've used this recipe about 5 times now for Stromboli and it is amazingly delicious easy to make!

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thud333 December 26, 2008

Perfect and easy thin crust pizza dough. I used 7 oz. of cold water in place of the 12 TBS. (it required more moisture) and increased the salt to 2 tsp. instead of 1. It rose beautifully in 1 hour and I cut the dough in 1/2 to use for 2 crusts. Loaded it with mozzarella cheese, romano cheese, pesto sauce, anchovies, olives, fresh tomatoes, and a bit of olive oil. Baked at 500 degrees on a preheated pizza stone for only 11 minutes. This was thin, crusty, and delicious. Less than 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. Thanks so much.

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CobraLimes August 12, 2007

We prefer thin crusts and I got 2 large thin crusts out of this. The crust was excellent and this is one of those good old fashioned reliable recipes. Good enough for dinner party style gourmet pizza.

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Missy Wombat March 19, 2003

Crispy outside, light as a feather inside. I was concerned at first, because this dough is very stiff, but it turned out great. I only let it rise 2 hours...it was fine.

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cuisinebymae March 17, 2003

I always use the no knead process to make my pizza dough. I make it the night before, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise in the bedroom where it is warmer. This dough is so forgiving. The next day I just let it be until I am ready to bake. The best dough should be proofed for 8 to 24 hours. The longer it proofs the better the flavor. Use more water, it will be sticky so flour your hands and utensils well when handling the dough. Forget sourdough, this is even better in my opinion. Roll it in a ball and bake it as an atisan boule. So much can be done with the recipe. Try empanadas, calzone, and foccacia. I am happy you posted this Beth. Thanks!

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I_Fortuna January 14, 2014

This makes a lot of dough considering it only requires 3 cups of flour. I made one stuffed crust pizza plus one thin crust normal (unstuffed crust) pizza. Very good! I made the dough in my bread machine and then refrigerated overnight. I did have to add a little extra water to get the dough to come together in the bread machine, but that's not a problem at all. I'll make this again!

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JPerez October 14, 2013
Jenny Gentile's Pizza Dough