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Oh, my Heaven! This is so incredible! Like chocolate souffle, chocolate pudding and flourless chocolate cake all rolled into one! Don't change anything - just follow the recipe exactly. I made it the morning of, then baked while we were eating dinner, so it was still warm when we ate it. Oh- oh- oh- if you are a chocolate lover, this is for you. Agree that coffee ice cream is delicious with it. Definite "impress your friends" dessert. It is certainly going on my list of "impress your friends" recipes...thank you! thank you, LL Bunny! Keep posting recipes - so far everything I've tried of yours is delicious!

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P4 January 12, 2003

This is a fabulous dessert and so easy. Since the chocolate is prominent I used Valrhona Le Noir Amer Bittersweet 71%. I made several hours ahead, refrigerated and baked for 30-35 minutes. The recipe makes about 4 cups of batter. I filled four 16 oz cups each about half way. The budini puffed almost to the top and fell back as it cooled. Served with coffee ice cream and toasted almonds. Sort of like an upsidedown hot fudge sundae. The recipe works perfectly as printed.

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MEAN CHEF February 13, 2003

This was beyond incredible! I made this two days ahead of time for a dinner party, and pulled it out about 20 minutes before baking to warm up a bit. I had made some little ganache balls and stuck them in the middles- I was worried that perhaps it was a bit much. They cooked, and rose, and fell in about 25 minutes. I put a cloud of Coldstone Creamery's sweet cream ice cream on top, followed by a nice dollop of their coffee ice cream, and sprinkled with sliced, toasted almonds. As I passed out the dishes amongst murmurings of, "Oh, I'm too full to eat more than a bite...", the noise dwindled to dead silence quickly. There were only the sound of spoons clinking and gooey, ice cream drenched sweetness being devoured. It was amazingly good, and I thought the ganache centers worked perfectly. I can't even begin to thank you enough. These were extraordinary.

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s'kat April 14, 2003

Very superior dessert. Quite unique although daughter has made a similar one with lemon. We used Scharffen Berger bittersweet 70% but have decided to experiment around a bit in the future.(as far as chocolate goes)I believe Trader Joes has a 70%. Forgot to buy the coffee ice cream but drizzed a little cream on top and it was super! Plan to try Mean Chef's reccomendation recipe.Thanks for a great recipe!

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Panino April 21, 2003

Nice and chocolatey and gooey! Made them a few hours prior to baking, then let them sit out for 20 minutes to warm up like s'kat suggested. Served them with vanilla ice cream. I realy liked the warm chocolate and the cold ice cream combination. This is definitley a "keeper" recipe!!!

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yogi April 21, 2003

Frankly, I was disappointed with this recipe. After reading the gushing reviews, I was ready to have my socks knocked off; instead, it was merely a good chocolate dessert. I even made it twice, sure I had to be missing something the first time. I used Lindt chocolate for my first attempt, Callebaut the second. Both times I produced a good dessert, but nothing that would cause swooning. The second time I experimented with the reheating instructions as I had leftovers, but these did not puff up as stated. They did reheat well and were enjoyed again, though. One thing that bothered me was serving these straight from the oven in the ceramic bowls they were baked in; the bowls are very hot and there is a risk of burning your hands (I did scorch a finger, but it wasn't serious). Please use a lot of caution when serving to guests. Sorry to rain on the parade -- I was so looking forward to these and was quite frustrated with the results. On the positive side these were tasty (no denying that) and certainly easy to prepare, and I do recommend coffee ice cream as a go-with.

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Lennie February 24, 2004

I made this recipe for a dinner party and it was a smash. One of my guests told me I should open a Budini Cafe. I used Splenda for half of the sugar and it was great. I also splurged and got 71% cocoa choclate bars from South America. I also bought oven proof over sized capiccino cups at Pottery Barn and they made a great presentation. I used Starbucks coffee ice cream. Topped with whipped cream.

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Sifu nancy October 31, 2003

This tasted sooo yummy and was so easy to make as well! My guests thoroughly enjoyed :)

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Bek Brumby August 10, 2003

This delicious, chocolatey delight lives up to the rave reviews. Rich and luxurious, but somehow light. Gooey and chewy, but with a hint of crunch. Remarkable! And, so easy to make! Mine were ready after 20 minutes in the oven. Allowed them to cool slightly, then topped with vanilla icecream. Next time I will have coffee-flavoured icecream. A lovely dessert and a perfect end to a meal. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Daydream June 30, 2003

I made these in February of last year for friends, and just came back for the recipe. I can't believe I didn't rate them already! They are SOOOO yummy! If you want a super rich buttery chocolate dessert, this is the one! Like P4 said, its like souffle, pudding, and cake all rolled into one. I served it with Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream the last time I made it, and I may do the same or put it with fresh raspberry sauce and whipped cream. I'm so excited to have this again!

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Dans La Lune May 24, 2012
Jennifer Millar's Chocolate Budini