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This is a delicious sugar cookie; plain on its own but great with jelly. I got 5 dozen made as follows: I used my small 1.25 inch cookie scoop, then flattened the balls slightly with my palm. Using the back of a nicely round 1/2 teaspoon, I pressed a well into the center of each cookie. (Dipped the teaspoon into sugar each time to prevent sticking.) Then I scooped 1/4 tsp. of strawberry jelly into each dip. Baked for 10 minutes and they are great. *DEFINITELY refrigerate the dough overnight- then it isn't so sticky and the baking cookies don't spread out so much. The end result is a slightly sweet, thick cookie that is lovely on my Christmas plates! Thanks for sharing, Molly!

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J-Lynn August 13, 2009
Jelly-Centered Sugar Cookies