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FUN! FUN! FUN! I really like this recipe....it would be great for little kids to do but yet it's a nice, light, dessert for the adults too! I used raspberry sugar free jello & fat free cool whip to lessen the sugar content and it was still yummy! Tagged for Healthy Choice ABC Tag Game

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Texaspollock February 16, 2011

FABULOUS! I made the jello using 3 boxes rasberry and 1 box of strawberry banana. All were fat free. Then after dinner and baths the kids and I gathered at the table to put it together. I spread the cool-whip on and they put on the fruit. Not as much as was called for, but I let them decide. We had a fabulous time doing it together, and it was tasty too! This is thick jello (We call it "boingy-boingy jello" here because of the book "Lunch Bunnies") and not all kids like that texture. That said, I think this would be a great summer picnic dessert, especially if trying to keep sugar lower and using the sugar free jello. Thanks for one we'll make again and again!

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ladypit June 27, 2006
Jello Pizza