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I made these with my usual christmas cookies and they got a great review from family and friends. Were really easy to make. I used cherry and lime jello. Will definitely make again.

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Ellen Brody January 03, 2002

I just finished my first batch! Used extreme green apple flavor jello and added a few drops of green food coloring to tint them a tad bit darker green. I was able to get 35 cookies from one batch and sprinkled them with red sugar after flattening. I did increase the baking time to 10 minutes. They taste delightfully like green apples and the kids are gonna love 'em! Thanks for a really fun recipe!

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Susie in Texas December 16, 2002

Not only are these yummy but my 6 year old daughter and I had a great time making them. I made 2 batches, one cherry and the other green apple and the green apple cookies were AWESOME! I followed the recipe exactly as it's posted and had no trouble at all with cooking time or with rolling the balls. If a 6 yr old can do it anyone can.

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Roxi J. December 15, 2002

These are quite easy to make and I like the intense color. I made cherry-flavored cookies and used a spoon to flatten them. They I put on green colored sugar for some contrast. I was able to get 25 cookies out of the batch but they needed to bake for 15 minutes. The reviews from the tasters were mixed. The 5 year old enjoyed the 'pink' cookies (at least that is what I think he said as he shoveled it into his mouth). Of the 4 adults, there were 2 good, 1 okay (a bit dry) and 1 no way. The common comment from the adults was that they smelled like playdough, which caused some hesitation in eating them. I will probably try them again.

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Ducky December 14, 2002

These are great. I made them for my son to take to school and share with his class and they were a big hit. I really like how you can use the different jello flavors depending on your mood or occasion. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

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dayla October 01, 2002

I was in search of something different for the kids when I found this recipe. I thought it was pretty darn good, the kids however ate one and decided they wanted oreos! Leaving me with the entire batch to eat by myself...what a shame! Hmm, next time I'll use the flavor *I* want! LOL

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HoosierMomOf5 February 02, 2002

I just made these and pulled them out of the oven. These are fantastic, I did add 2 TBSP of raspberry apple jam to mine, I made raspberry jello flavored first. I also rolled them in icing sugar before I pressed them with fork. I was expecting more of a cookie texture but it is almost like a little cake. I love them, these are definate keepers. Thanks for posting.

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~Leanne~ March 12, 2003

I made these using orange jello and like others have suggested, I will substitute fruit extracts or flavoring for the vanilla next time. I rolled them in balls and didn't flatten. They were done in exactly 8 minutes. These cookies turned out 'picture perfect'! I made several different batches of cookies the same day and these were DD#1's favorite...she wanted to hide them so nobody else would get any more...lol. Thanks for sharing this recipe Mysterygirl. I can't wait to experiment with other flavors...love the versatility in colors and flavors!

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Cindy Lynn January 24, 2003

These cookies are a nice change of pace from all the sweet, rich, or chocolate cookies from the holidays. They are so easy to make and cleanup is quick, and quite inexpensive to make with limitles variations. Definitely a keeper. I made mine using orange gelatin and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. I rolled mine into large marble size balls and I had 81 cookies(about the size of a half dollar when cooked). The first half I did as directed, greased the cookie sheet and cooked for 12 min. The second half I rolled in granulated sugar before flattening with the fork,used an ungreased cookie sheet, and baked for 10 min. They were definitely better than the first half. The sugar adds to the texture. My only complaint was that the entire batch weren't orange enough tasting. I think that can be easily remedied by using orange extract instead of the vanilla next time. Also, the cookies didn't stick to the ungreased sheet, but I think I was lucky, next time I'll grease the sheet.

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Deborah1 January 19, 2003

What a simple colorful Christmas cookie! The sugar topped cookies are soft, buttery (I used real butter),and fruity. We used strawberry jello, and were hoping for more of a strawberry flavor but were a bit dissappointed so next time we'll use strawberry extract to boost the flavor. I was able to make 50 one-inch round cookies which I rolled in granulated sugar prior to placing on cookie sheets. I did not flatten the cookie but rather left them as round balls on the cookie sheets. It about 7 minutes for the non-flattened cookies to bake. These were a lovely addition to my Christmas cookie trays!

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Caryn December 23, 2002
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