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I was inspired by mikekey's photo to try this for Thanksgiving, because my family prefers jellied cranberries and I like everything on my table to be homemade. Unfortunately, I had a series of mishaps with this first attempt at any sort of jelly. First, I managed to burn the cranberries in step 2. I was able to salvage most of them. Then, in step 3, I never reached jell point because of my nervousness at the process. Therefore, there was no molding or canning (I planned on a mold). I ended up with a freezer-jam consistency which actually tastes pretty good on turkey sandwiches. I did find it a bit too tart for my expectations of jellied cranberries, also. I guess I am just not good at this, and next year I'm back to Ocean Spray.

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evewitch November 29, 2008

This is really good, especially with the addition of the spices. I didn't "can" this, but poured it into a mold, for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a hit! Thanks for posting. Next time I get a large bag of cranberries, I will make this again and preserve some for later use.

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Outta Here November 22, 2007
Jellied Cranberry Sauce