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It took me about 4 hours to make this cake and it was AWFUL! I made this for my mother's birthday and NO ONE liked it. It is definitely an acquired taste! If you're not used to this cake or have never tried it--be aware and try a "dry run" before using this recipe for a big event. It has no real flavor and I did even use the chocolate shavings. I guess you could say that it has a very "delicate" flavor. Anyway, as I said if this is not a cake that you've had before and loved it, try it before the big event to make sure that you like it. The frosting was very interesting though and I might try messing with it to make similar light frosting but with more of a bold flavor.

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ecparks2000 March 03, 2009

I also grew up in Winnipeg, but moved away long ago. I have tried this recipe and it is exactly like the bakery cake. The first thing you must know is, you have to use a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for this cake and frosting. Do not try this recipe unless you have one, because you will fail. Bake the cake in a glass pan, it will end up lighter and more fluffy. Make sure you whip the cake batter for at least 5 minutes till fluffy. I always use whipping cream instead of milk, but you can always go half and half to make up the milk measurement. You must cut the edges, top and bottom off the cake once it has cooled. The original cake never had crisp sides or top so you must cut them off, if you have a Lab they will love you for the cake scraps. Jeanne's cake is very bland, so you could always substitute pure orange extract into the recipe to add flavor. When you make the frosting, again you must use a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. At the original bakery they are not using some wimpy set of beaters to make the icing. The icing will separate if you add food coloring so be careful. I don't know which brand of coloring they use, so I always leave the icing just white.

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I'll have seconds March 07, 2012

I grew up in Wpg and was pleased to see a recipe for the Jeanne cakes I have come to adore over the years. But I agree with the other reviewers... although a tasty cake (not too sweet) and close to the original, it doesn't quite cut it - something is missing. I thought the icing was really good, but I had trouble coloring it and I'm not sure why -it seemed to separate. I have made many types of icing over the years and have not run into this. I use Wilton and Americolor gel colors.

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Terricakes January 06, 2011

I have never had a "Jeanne's" cake before, but I thought that this cake was very tasty. I took the advice to use butter instead of shortening in the base and cake.

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greengirl347 March 07, 2008

I'm looking forward to trying this recipe. I'll update the stars when I do. My husband is from Winnipeg and he says he grew up with this cake. Thanks for posting! I made the cake today. Since I've never had a Jeanne cake, I can't tell how they compare. I like the cake. It came out dense, but I may be used to box cakes.

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Jacquie* January 31, 2008

I made this for my daughter for her birthday and we all felt it was really close to the original cake. We live in Winnipeg and always purchased Jeanne's cake for our family's birthday. We have found over the years that Jeanne's cake is tasting different. I don't think they use butter anymore. I used 1/3 cup of butter in the base instead of shortening. and 1/2 cup of butter in the cake instead of shortening. It tasted very close to the cake I used to have when I was a kid.

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patcollins09 December 13, 2007

Sorry folks ... I tried this recipe and it fell woefully short of the mark. I grew up in Winnipeg and had Jeanne's cakes at every family function for years. Now that I live in Florida, I was delighted to see a recipe for the cake and wonderful frosting so that I could have a taste of home. The cake, as described in this recipe, makes a tasty cake but it is more like a pound cake than Jeanne's cake. The base wasn't quite right either. The frosting was close. All in all, an OK recipe for a cake, but if you are looking to replicate a Jeanne's cake, your search isn't over. This recipe doesn't cut it.

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dooner April 25, 2004
"Jeanne's Style" Birthday Cake