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We loved this! I had a small amount of buttermilk, a small amount of heavy cream and a small amount of 1 % milk, so they all went into the mix. It worked perfectly! I chose chives as my flavor, yum!

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pammyowl July 08, 2013

Just like I remember from childhood. This was easy to make and I made a ball of the cheesecloth and let it hang to drain overnight. When I opened the ball the cheese seemed a little blubbery and I thought I would drain it some more when it had chilled. But-when chilled it had turned to a spreadable creamy white cheese, just perfect, no need to drain at all. I divided the cheese and added different flavours to the parts. Chives, jam, red pepper where my choices this time. Thanks for posting.

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Chef Dudo August 16, 2013
Jben - Moroccan Fresh Cheese