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This was a great tuna dish, much enjoyed. Made exactly as written, sans the pimiento pepper, and served over mixed salad greens. I think this dish is best served at room temperature right after it is made. When it is cooled in the fridge the sauce is absorbed. However its easy to warm back up briefly in the microwave and then toss with olive oil to rehydrate. I would maybe add roasted red pepper strips or cherry tomatoes for more color (unfortunately I'm not a fan of pimientos) and extra basil too! The basil is such a lovely addition. Thanks to KateL and also to Karen Elizabeth as I made this on her recommendation. [Made for the I Recommend Tag].

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averybird July 29, 2012

This was excellent, Kate, good on the palate and the eye!!! very easily prepared, I'm not a great tuna lover myself but DH is, so this was a great treat!!! The flavours come together in a fresh fusion, I loved the lemon in here especially. I had a little more tuna than I wanted to use in the pasta, so I kept it aside and DH had it next day on a sandwich and loved it all over again!!! Thank you Kate, lovely recipe, made for PRMR tag game

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Karen Elizabeth July 10, 2012
Javier's Farfalle Tonno With Fresh Basil and Greek Olives