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These weren't exactly what I was expecting... they were a little pancake like, I thought they were going to be thinner and gooeyer. The directions were a little vague, sorry! But thank you for posting this!

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Kayla in Texas February 16, 2008

These were very nice. The texture is a little bit different from other dorayaki that I've had (including the ones in Japan), not as soft and a bit more bouncy. You need to watch them carefully because they brown very quickly. I didn't follow the bubbles method of determining the flip time, I just left them on very low heat until the bottoms set and flipped at that point. For us, the cakes were a little bit too thick and the batter needed to be more runny to allow for a thinner spread. We filled them with the bean paste, but didn't need the addition of the corn syrup. Thanks for posting the recipe! It was wonderful.

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Akikobay May 29, 2006

These were very nice. I used honey and didn't use my bean paste this time. I mixed some icing(confectioner's) sugar in with some cream cheese and used it as a filling. They turned out to be very pretty, very sweet pancakes, with no hint anywhere of the soy sauce or mirin. I used 1/2 cup of sugar and found the pancakes bordering on too sweet so I wouldn't suggest using the higher sugar measurement unless you're using sake which is unsweetened unlike the mirin which is. I gave some to my husband who didn't like them so much but then I gave some to my friend and he said it was lovely.

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Heather Sullivan July 13, 2005
Japanese Waffles -- Dora Yaki