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I love anything coated with Panko, so I was glad to find this recipe. I made it just as written, although I found that when I cooked it as directed over high heat, the Panko coating quickly got very dark while the pork wasn't fully cooked inside. I made the rest of the pork chops at a little above medium heat and they were fully cooked and had a nice golden crust. Even though the pork chops were seasoned ahead of time with salt, rice wine and ginger, I really couldn't taste them when we ate the pork. Perhaps marinating the pork for a few hours would have made the taste more noticeable. We loved the cucumbers -- SO good. I made them ahead of time and kept them in the fridge until dinner time. The tonkatsu sauce was great for dipping pieces of the pork in it -- next time I'll double it; the sauce added such a good flavor to the pork. I served this with Asian Mushroom Saute, and it made a delicious meal!

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TasteTester May 20, 2010
Japanese-Style Crispy Pork