Japanese Pancake Recipe, Obanyaki

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READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by JMigs0

Have you ever had those fish shaped treats filled with red bean paste from Japantown? or round freshly made (I have no idea what they are called, best way to describe would be "pancakes") stuffed with redbean paste or custard cream from the streets of Taiwan? (I think they are very similar) Anyway, I found this special 4 round mold-pan from Japan town a few weeks ago, and ofcourse it's all in Japanese. My mom translated the ingredients in this recipe and I'm posting here to convert to the measurements I'm more familiar with... teaspoons and cups instead of grams!

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  1. Mix all ingredients except the filling.
  2. Grease and heat pan. (Spray with oil or butter up before heating pan).
  3. Pour in batter, cook until bottom is golden brown but the top is still tender.
  4. Use 2 spoons and spoon a little filling on top of 2 of the pancakes.
  5. Turn the other 2 (no filling) pancakes on to the filled ones and let cook for a minute or so and press down a little.
  6. Cook until the batter is set.
  7. Use a small metal spatula, loosen the edges of the pancake and release it from the pan. (You may have to do this to release the top pancakes).

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