Japanese Negi (leek) Patties

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

Tomoko's mum Toshiko sent me 3 new cookbooks. They are written in Japanese, so Tomoko and I are going to slowly translate the recipes we want to make-here is the first one! Prep time doesn't include cooling the leeks.

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  1. Stir fry the leek in the 1 tablespoon of oil until a little softened.
  2. Cool.
  3. Meanwhile place the first 4 sauce ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
  4. Add the cornstarch mix to this, and stir until it thickens.
  5. Set aside.
  6. Place the leeks, eggs and pinch of salt in a bowl and mix.
  7. Heat half the sesame oil in a large frypan over medium high heat.
  8. Using half the mix, form 4 patties in the pan.
  9. Cook until golden, turn over cook until golden and cooked through.
  10. Keep these warm whilst you repeat with the remaining sesame oil and leek/egg mix.
  11. Divide between 4 plates, and serve with the sauce spooned over.


Most Helpful

These patties have a very delicate flavour and the sauce the same. I must admit I like a bit more oomph and would proably use some fresh coriander next time. I served these for brunch with a daikon radish & carrot salad. It was only enough for 2 served this way.

Latchy September 18, 2003

This was a great way to use leek I HAD to use. I doubled the quantity, but I cooked a bit longer to reduce the volume.
The mild sauce went very well with them. I prepared these in advance for tomorrow. They are easy to carry and would be perfect for picnics as well. Thanks a lot Jan!

awalde March 19, 2012

Made this without the sauce and doubled the leeks for extra flavour -- was super delicious and reminded me of Chinese spring onion omelettes. After reading the reviews I got round the fiddliness problem by frying the patties in kawaii heart-shaped pancake/omelette tin moulds... if you don't make them too thick they should set easily, otherwise just flip them superfast once the bottom half has set. (Without the mould the mixture is very liquid and will not form into patties, even with twice the amount of leek.) Serving size is a bit too small, I ended up with four small patties only.

Farpavilions August 19, 2010

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