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Had to see what all the hoop-da-la was all about...This is a very good,easy and tasty recipe! I followed it to a "T". Next time my DH wants me to use chicken thighs instead of drumsticks. I did double the recipe for 3 of us. The sauce never really thickened or got to a thick and sticky glaze. The ease of preparation, as well as being an inexpensive meal is a real seller for this recipe. I served this with Meow's Ramen Fried "Rice" #34716 which complimented it very nicely. Thanks Jan for sharing this with us.

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Judith N. March 03, 2004

Yummmy! ChrissyO put me onto this one and boy am I glad she did. Sooooo easy and the aroma while cooking had my mouth watering!! Had to use breasts to cut down the fat content but other than that made it as stated. Thanks for a great keeper, Cheers, Jenny

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Jen T September 15, 2003

This recipe was suggested to another person on one of the talk boards. Having too much balsamic vinegar on hand, I decided to give it a try. I think I would like this recipe much better if another kind of vinegar was used. As it was, I tasted the cooking liquid after 10 minutes, did not like it, then added 1/4 cup Chinese red vinegar and an additional clove of garlic. This helped cut down the balsamic vinegar taste quite a bit and is the version we ate and I am using for the 3 star rating. I am wondering what kind of vinegar the girl's mother uses back home in Japan. Balsamic vinegar is not a usual ingredient in the Japanese kitchen, so I'm wondering if the girl said to use this since it was the closest type of vinegar on hand. Maybe shops in the area do not carry the kind of vinegar used back in Japan?? This recipe serves 4 so I cut it down for 2. The liquids and sugar used in this recipe were easy to half. In case someone is interested, this is not a sweet recipe. To avoid ending up with something sweet, I gradually added the sugar and was surprised when I had added the entire amount (for 1/2 a recipe). I used the full recipe amounts for garlic and hot pepper, though. Like one of the other reviewers, I, too, used thighs (4 big ones) instead of legs. The thighs took about 40 minutes to cook, twice the length of time the recipe says legs take. If I decide in the future to retry this recipe with another kind of vinegar, I shall again use thighs. I shall also use the additional garlic. Next time, however, I shall decrease the amount of water and cover the pot while cooking it for the first part. Even with the stove fan on, boiling off all that liquid caused more smell through the house than I would have liked. Using a lid will enable a water reduction from the start.

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Lynn in RI August 30, 2003

Obviously this is a fantastic recipe but I had to throw in my 2 cents worth. I made this with boneless, skinless chicken thighs in a cast iron pan. Wow, such amazing flavor and so simple! I turned up the heat to get the skillet sizzling hot, poured in the water, vinegar and soy, then added the chicken, garlic and pepper. I left it bubbling hot for a few minutes til the thighs looked cooked underneath, flipped them over, covered the pan and turned it on low. After several minutes, I used a thermometer to make sure it was 160 degrees and they were cooked through and tender. With only four chicken thighs, they were well glazed and there was still sauce left over. Even my picky son liked this. I can see how this could be versatile too, with the addition of ginger or onions or peanut butter. Definitely a keeper recipe that I'll be making again!

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eliewriter July 20, 2013

Just finished making this. Boy, is it good, lip-smakin' in fact! After reading the reviews, I decided a couple of changes...I used boneless/skinless chicken thighs cut into pieces, and dredged in some cornstarch. (1 tablespoon = 2 thighs) I boiled down the sauce a bit before adding the chicken (approx. 15 minutes), and once I added chicken it cooked very quickly. (20 minutes). Other then that, I did everything else the same and it was Awesome with a capital "A".

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm January 22, 2013

Awesome! I used skin-on drumsticks just as directed. Yes, you must be patient (its passive time anyway) to get that rich deep glaze. I garnished the chicken with sliced scallions. Definitely will make this again! Thanx !

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*Parsley* November 18, 2012

This is fabulous. It is important to follow the recipe though, so you get the sticky glaze. Increasing it to a sauce is an entirely different taste and that is NOT this recipe.

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donna129 September 13, 2012

Holy cow! This was a huge hit on our house. Definitely a keeper. Make this in a regular skillet rather than a saucepan as indicated. I tried it both ways and the skillet method made the glaze like it should. The saucepan just didn't work as well. I have not read all the reviews so I apologize if this has been mentioned...make sure to allow proper time for the liquid to reduce. You want a thick glaze sticking to the chicken. Yum!!

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SMH April 01, 2012

Very good, however, the glaze takes much longer than 20 minutes to thicken as directed. I just let it simmmer, simmer and simmer...it finally thickened up. I suspect that perhaps those that tasted too much vinegar did not let it cook off enough.
I prepared my 4 chicken breasts halves(boneless, skinless) in the crock pot with the glaze and then poured it off into a small pot and simmered on the stove until it thickened. While the glaze was thickening, I "shredded" the chicken in large pieces.
I also added some quartered onion and an additional clove of garlic which I made sure some of which simmered in the pot with the glaze.
Served with steamed rice, carrots & broccoli. I think some water chestnuts would add a nice crunch, but I didn't have them on hand. Thanks for sharing!
***Update*** With the remaining leftovers, and since we had a snowfall today (in October!) I felt compelled to have soup. My husband mentioned he thought the initial dish was a little salty (I even used low sodium soy sauce) So I took the cooked rice, chicken and some water to make a Chicken Rice Soup for lunch today. I topped it off with some bean sprouts....it was a hit!

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Larawithoutau October 29, 2011

Great recipe, very simple and delicious. I found it a little salty, which im sure could be eliminated by using low sodium soy sauce. Chicken came out moist and juicy. Ingredients are things you would normally have a round the house so i made this meal for $2.12. Great cheap meal! Glaze is wonderful, not a "sauce" type of flavor, just do not over cook the glaze and there will be plenty to roll chicken in before eating.

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Miss Ellis October 08, 2011
Japanese Mum's Chicken