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I don't have a review but I do have a comment on balsamic vinegar...u do need to reduce this vinegar for any type of glaze. Even if u cook balsamic just by itself, it will be very sour & vinegar-y but after some period of time & heat, balsamic vinegar will tighten up into a syrupy sweet glaze...u just have to be patient & give it time. I make a balsamic glaze whenever I cook delmonico steaks indoors so I know what I'm talking about ;-) hope that helps! Will definitely be trying this recipe soon!

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dblogic August 03, 2012

I made this in my crock pot. I doubled the liquid ingredients and used five drumsticks, 8 boneless, skinless thighs and 4 boneless, skinless breasts cut in 3 pieces. I cooked it on low for just under 4 hours. After removing the meat I poured the liquid into a saucepan and reduced it to half then served the chicken and sauce with texmati rice.
I've served this twice and have been asked for the recipe~ simply delicious!

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doondog October 06, 2011

I thought this chicken dish was fantastic!! 5 stars to Tomoko for a dish that was very quick,tasted great and required little effort(which is always good)! I was suprised to read about the pee smell. I thought that it has a very sweet smelling dish and that the vinegar balanced out the sugar nicely. I too would like to try it with wings next time around for something a little different.

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ebev August 31, 2003

I'm only 15 years old and this is my first time cooking anything. I cooked this for my parents to eat after they woke up and we all loved it. Great recipe, thank you.

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Oblols May 15, 2011

Took a while for the sauce to thicken but once it was done it was AMAZING. I used drummettes but followed the recipe exactly other than that. I was using my finger to lick every last bit of the glaze off my plate! Went back for seconds and my brother had eaten every last bit! For about 12 drummettes there was plenty of glaze. Super easy and so delicious!!

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Andrea83 January 03, 2011

I had tried this recipe before (using the simmering method), but my family did not like the flavour and texture of the chicken. (The directions do not state to brown the drumsticks first, which resulted in an unpleasant odour in the dish).

I recently tried this recipe again, but decided to bake the drumsticks at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I used twelve drumsticks, instead of eight, and added some onions (cut into large pieces). The dish was delicious, and the onions became very caramelized!

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Mai A July 25, 2010

This is just amazing. However i made a mistake the second time around and accidentally made it with rice vineger instead of balsamic and it still tasted delish. So after that i used just a 1/4 cup of balsamic and 1/4 cup of rice vineger and it gives it a more delicate and sweet taste. Also good using Wings insted of drumsticks, the wings keep the skin better.

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Pamelamb February 20, 2009

The reviews for this receipe tempted me to try it although I didn't have balsamic vinegar in the house and had to buy some (fairly expensive here. 4.95 a bottle!) It was worth the expense. I used wings (cutting off the last section which isn't really edible anyway) because I don't really like drumsticks. It was really easy to make this and have it turn out right. I was working on the 'puter while it cooked and the fact that I didn't hover over it didn't affect the outcome at all. I ate six of the eight wings with a salad and boy am I STUFFED. Excellent flavor. The person that didn't like the balsamic vinegar should have waited for the glaze to cook down, it definately changes flavor as it cooks.

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Mark Kovach November 11, 2003

This was really easy to make, but we had to use chicken breasts. I am sure it would have been better with the drumsticks, but it still came out great. I servied it with Toasted Pine Nut and Parmesan Couscous (#48104) and we enjoyed it! Thank you!

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Darcie Kelly August 17, 2003

Holy cow! This was a huge hit on our house. Definitely a keeper. Make this in a regular skillet rather than a saucepan as indicated. I tried it both ways and the skillet method made the glaze like it should. The saucepan just didn't work as well. I have not read all the reviews so I apologize if this has been mentioned...make sure to allow proper time for the liquid to reduce. You want a thick glaze sticking to the chicken. Yum!!

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SMH April 01, 2012
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