Japanese Firecracker Teriyaki Sauce

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Total Time
2 mins
6 mins

A sweet and savory version of the classic Japanese Teriyaki Sauce with fresh ginger & garlic along with sesame seeds and a dash of Japanese Togarishi to give it a little kick. Easy to make and oh so delicious.

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  1. Mix all but sesame seeds. togarishi, cornstarch and 1/4c water in a sauce pan and begin heating.
  2. Mix cornstarch and cold water in a cup and dissolve. Add to sauce in pan.
  3. Heat until sauce thickens to desired thickness.
  4. Add togarishi and sesame seeds (can substitute dash of ground red pepper if togarishi unavailable - they have several blends of togarishi at most Asian Markets and all Japanese Grocers). Leave out togarishi/peppers if desired.
  5. Add water to thin if too thick.