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The flavor of this pork roast is outstanding and made the whole house smell wonderful. It made an attractive presentation. Very nice for company. My only recommendation is to cook it to 145 instead of 155 and cover to keep it warm, because the temperature will continue to rise while degreasing the pan juices. You don't want to overcook a lean pork roast or it will by dry and tough.

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PanNan September 22, 2004

This is delicious! Maybe mine shouldn't have, but it came out wonderful. I didn't want to cook such a large piece of meat, not having so many people to eat it with. So, I cooked half of a 2-pound pork loin. That is, I sort of made this recipe in miniature. I used half of the amounts of the marinade, and marinated the meat 24 hours. I kept the temperature about the same (just adjusted for my gas fan oven), but cut the time very much. I think it took about 40 minutes for the meat to reach a little above the stated temperature (I'm not certain about the time), but it's tender and moist. The sauce is nice, too. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us.

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mianbao February 10, 2014
January Pork