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This was a real pleasure for DH this morning as he's been asking for a loaf of "plain white bread" for awhile, poor guy. I made half the recipe for 1 loaf and did the mixing in the bread machine but baked it in the oven. I did need to add a bit more water but that is very common for me and I think we just have dry flour in this area. The end result was a good basic white bread with a very nice texture. duonyte, DH say's Thank You. :D

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Annacia October 13, 2013

Best Bread Recipe EVER!!!! I am really picky when it comes to bread! I made one loaf and the second "loaf" got made into dinner rolls! Needless to say it didnt last threw the night!! Super Easy! Tastes great and awesome texture!!

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Mama's Place December 19, 2012

This makes a very nice loaf of white bread. The texture is excellent. I used only half the salt added in the recipe and used 5 cups of flour. I only have one loaf pan so the second loaf was made in a round cake pan.

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Dreamer in Ontario September 25, 2011

This is a nice basic white bread recipe. I made this last night for dinner and had a couple of problems with the recipe. I only made 1 loaf, but after adding the min amount of flour to the liquid and then the yeast mixture to my kitchen aid mixer, it was so dry, just clumps rolling around. I think it maybe my location here in FL, as I noticed in the summer, when it is very humid, all bread recipes were too wet. So guess I will need to adjust to the dryness in the winter and humidity in the summer. I also cut back to about 3/4 of a 1/2 Tab. of sea salt, as I like it salty, but it was really still too salty for me, which surprised me. So anyone who doesn't like salty things, you really will want to cut way back on the salt. Once I added more liquid and went through the rising times and baked it, was very simple and turned out well aside from the saltiness. Thanks for sharing the recipe Duonyte!! Made for 123 Tag Game.

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diner524 January 15, 2011

This could not be any easier !! Easy to follow directions, and GREAT BREAD too. I did make this into two loaves. During the baking my co-workers stopped over and enjoyed the aroma, so they stuck around and I gave them 1 loaf, they called back with rave reviews too. Keeper here.

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weekend cooker August 29, 2009

Easy to follow instrustions and a very nice bread. I got two small loaves and 12 large buns. I let the second rise go a bit to long ( never call a customer service when letting bread rise LOL) so omitted the slashing and egg wash. Made for 1,2,3 Hit Wonders

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wicked cook 46 July 29, 2009

The simple instructions to this recipe,make it an absolute doddle to produce beautiful homemade bread with ease....however,this certainly isn't a quick process,so be prepared to spend some time,even though most of it is actually passive time. The results are well worth every minute of the wait though...the mixing/kneading process is most therapeutic and your kitchen will be draped in the most wonderful aroma while the bread is baking. I made one free formed loaf and turned the remaining dough into 8 rolls,which took only 20 mins to cook...oh,and I forgot to glaze them! The texture was light and the taste just delicious. Thanks duonyte for a lovely and simple bread recipe. Made for Newest Tag.

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Noo June 14, 2009
James Beard's Basic Home-Style Bread