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We liked this recipe and thought it was easy to make (though the prep took a little while), and most importantly required little clean up. The ingredient list holds true to most other jambalaya recipes that I have made/seen. Admittedly, I used Tofurkey artisan style andouille and Beyond Meat's chicken-free strips, but I don't think this is what affected my star rating. Actually, it was nice to see both grilled up fine following your directions and were great substitutes in the dish. DH said that with the veggies being in the foil packets, the dish was missing out on that nice grilled smokey flavor you would otherwise get. He suggests not chopping the veggies ahead of time and cooking them separately and whole on the grill versus putting them in foil packets, then chopping them after grilling so that smokey flavor is imparted. I think I noticed the lack of broth/wine that is typical of non-grilled jambalaya recipes. All in all, we liked it.

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Dr. Jenny April 19, 2014

very good

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tombranca33 October 03, 2007
Jambalaya on the Grill