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This was the best and easiest jambalaya! My DH and I loved it! The only thing I changed on the directions was to add 1 1/2 cups of UNCOOKED 5-minute rice. 30 minutes was plenty time for it to cook in the mix and it soaked up all the flavors of the juices. We added 2 lbs of shrimp and 1 lb of turkey sausage. PERFECTO!

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Mrs. Shipe March 06, 2010

This was terrible. We are NOT picky eaters and love almost everything, but this was not like any jambalaya we've ever eaten. I cooked according to directions except I was out of tomato paste, but I know that didn't alter the taste that much. The chicken was dry and the shrimp was flavorless. I think if the shrimp had been marinated in a cajun seasoning while the jambalaya was cooking, that might have solved that. Because I spent so much money on the chicken and the shrimp, I tried to doctor this up as best as I could so that all my money was not wasted. I ended up sauteeing some sausage and onions, topped with cajun seasoning, and mixed it in with the rice and jambalaya. We finished as much of it as we could, but will never use this crock pot recipe again.

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carroll_jo April 11, 2009

I've made this recipe twice now. The first time I followed it exactly, and I would have given it 4 stars. It was very good, but it seemed like something was missing. This time, I added 3 andouille sausages, sliced thin, and substituted a can of tomatoes and green chiles for the can of whole tomatoes. With these changes, I give the recipe 5+ stars.

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audreygould December 10, 2008

This dish was great. My family kind of turned up their noses when I told them what I was making, but quickly changed their tune when they took that first bite. I prepared the recipe basically as written; I just eyeball the measurements but I'm sure it was pretty close. There was just the right amount of heat - enough to taste but not so much that my 2 year old wouldn't eat it. I will certainly be making this again.

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RayMakMama June 18, 2008

This was delicious. The whole family enjoyed it. I actually made it on the stove since I didn't plan early enough to put it in the crock pot.

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cewrdh March 31, 2008

We really liked this! I don't know if I didn't put the rice in soon enough at the end, but mine turned out a little soupy. It still was very wonderful with flavor. Amazing there were left overs, but there are only 2 of us eating it. The next night it was the perfect consistency. I just threw the pot back in it tasted perfect. I think the only thing I changed was using chicken broth instead of beef. I too added some smoked turkey sausage and it REALLY made the meal. I didn't even bother cutting up the chicken breasts, they broke up pretty easily themselves, the more they cooked and I stirred. I wonder if you could just add uncooked rice the last hour or so? I'm always up for less dishes.

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enestvmel March 14, 2008

Fantastic! I followed the recipe almost exactly (unusual for me!) and it was great and really easy. I used chicken stock instead of beef and red peppers instead of green, though green is more authentic we just don't like them. I did find that the chicken broke down quite a lot because of the long cooking, especially by the next day, but i didn't mind that at all.

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LeeDelaino March 12, 2008

I made this recipe a few weeks back and am catching up on reviews. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! Changes I made: added the entire small mini-can of paste (didn't want to waste) and also added some smoked sausage as well as chicken. I added the chicken /sausage in still frozen and it came out just great. Also instead of plain tomatoes I used one can diced tomatoes with green chilies (to spice it up!) Also added more tabasco and cayenne to taste. We love spicy! I love this and will use it often.

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ONU Rx Chef March 10, 2008

This was a very good recipe for Jambalaya. The only change I made was I added Andouille(sp?) sausage and an extra tablespoon of Tabasco...we like it spicy. Otherwise I followed the recipe to the T and it turned out wonderful in the crock pot. So simple to just throw everything together and just add in teh rice and shrimp right before serving....I will definitly make this recipe again and again.

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Sweet Sami March 03, 2008

Firstly, I did change a few things in this but even so, it turned out to be one heck of a recipe! One that will be made again and again! I used 1lb turkey breast cutlets, because that's what I had and I had to omit the shrimp, because of my father's allergies. I didn't have any celery. These changes didn't take away from it, although I would absolutely love to add the shrimp when dad's not here. Thank you so much for the really yummy new dinner for my keepers! UPDATE: This time I made it exactly as posted except to leave out the shrimp and it's an A+, even better than the first time! Don't be timid with the garlic...I put in 4 cloves that I would consider large and they add sooo much!

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SmoochTheCook February 27, 2008
Jambalaya for the Crock Pot