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We like this Creole way of making Jambalaya. I use Zatarain's Jambalaya rice mix, and the rest of the recipe, I use things I like together for a different, spicy taste.

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  1. Fry the cut-up chicken and the Italian sausage, in a large frying pan, fry well.
  2. Take the meat out of this pan and fry the pepper and the sweet onion until crisp-tender.
  3. Add the chicken broth and the chicken bouillon.
  4. Add the 3 cans of tomatoes, tomato sauce, and 1/2 cup water, also the salt and Tabasco to taste.
  5. Simmer 3 hours (crockpot works good for this).
  6. After simmering, add the corn, beans, and the Worcestershire sauce.
  7. Last add the package rice mix with 1/2 of the seasoning packet--or if you like it really hot, put the whole seasoning packet, but I do not like it that hot.
  8. Cook until the rice is tender. Mm mm good.

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