Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 1 hr
Cook 15 mins

These little gems are served all over Negril.

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  1. Dissolve yeast and sugar in water then stir in milk, salt and egg.
  2. Add 1/2 of the flour and stir, continue to add flour until you have a dough that can be turned out of the bowl.
  3. Knead the dough for 10 minutes until smooth but firm.
  4. Oil a clean bowl and turn the dough in it until coated.
  5. Cover with a damp towel and let it rise for 1 hours Cut into 10 portions and roll each piece into a 6 inch diameter circle.
  6. Brush with melted butter then fold in 1/2.
  7. Brush with more butter and fold in 1/2 again.
  8. Set breads on a oiled baking sheet and let them rise until they double in size.
  9. Preheat oven to 425 F set a pan of hot water on the lowest oven rack.
  10. Bake for about 12- 15 minutes or until golden brown (on upper rack, set to middle).
Most Helpful

5 5

Very authentic, I grew up on cocobread and patty! I substituted coconut milk for milk and water, the missing "coco" in the cocobread. Makes it even tastier!

4 5

excellent bread. very easy to make. recommend using bread flour for a larger, lighter textured roll.

3 5

They tend to dry out easily, so, Keep them in an air tight container for sure, or eat them all when they are still warm and buttery.