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I love the recipe! As a time saver, I use Goya Discos (premade empanada dough in the frozen section) instead of making the dough myself and it cuts the time tremendously (about 40 minutes start to finish). I grew up on Jamaican beef patties so the short cut allows me to have it whenever I get a craving. When I use the premade dough I egg wash the tops to make them shine. I can even get my fiance to help assemble the patties. To keep the patties HOT keep the habanero seeds in; less hot but still with spice take out the seeds, and omit the habanero if you have a person who just can't take the heat.

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AudiWhoLuvs2Cook November 26, 2007

This is an awesome recipe. I've made it three times now. Be warned it can be very labor intensive, but it's really worth it. The first time, I think it took me about 3-4 hours. The last time I got down to 2 hours. The changes I made: 1. The meat needed alot more salt than the recipe calls for, so I added to taste. 2. I increased the habanero for extra spicyness. 3. I added 4 or 5 cloves of garlic to the meat. 4. I eliminated the thyme, due to personal taste preference. The texture of the dough was wonderful and perfectly complimented the filling. I would suggest splitting the dough into equal parts of 7-8 dough balls. It's very easy to get the exact dough necessary that way, basically this gets you restaurant-sized patties. I made the mistake of filling the patties up too much, I would say use about 1/4 cup of filling. My family are huge fans of jamaican foods and they gobbled these right up!

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LoydaP December 22, 2007

I love patties and have tried a few different recipes so I thought I would try one more. My search continues for the perfect authentic pattie! The dough was easy to make, I used 1/2 cup of shortening and 1/2 cup of butter instead of 1cup of shortening. The crust turned out flaky and delicious but I will omit the butter next time as it ws a little too buttery tasting. The filling was tasty but I definitely like a bit more kick to mine. Something is missing but I cannot figure out what. Perhaps a bit of curry in the meat and a few cloves of garlic. I will try it next time. Overall, a good recipe but you may want to tinker around with the filling depending on the intenisty of heat you desire.

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GoldieMtl April 13, 2007

That was good patties but not quite the real deal, ussally only safran is use to make the dough yellow ,and the filling is missing some gloves,garlic,cayenne but thats just ,every house have there own recipe

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bobybaloony December 06, 2012

This is almost exactly the recipe in Caribbean cooking - they add a tsp of curry to the meat too and I loved it.

Terrific patties, easy to make

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MarraMamba January 30, 2012

These are really good. I made these last night with some rice and peas and we enjoyed out meal very much. The dough wasn't real flakey as I had hoped but it had good flavor with the curry. Thank you for sharing, I will make again as the dough could have been my fault and we did like them.

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mommyoffour March 10, 2011

The first time that I made this recipe I cut the measurements by half. It turned out pretty well; the filling was a little bland, but the pastry was flaky... just the way I like it. Overall, I really enjoyed it. On my second attempt, I made everything according to the above directions. The pastry did not at all turn out the way that I'd expected. It seems that the dough calls for way too much butter. My cuisinart food processor with dough hook wouldn't even process it and mine is the largest capacity on the market. If I make this recipe again, I would definetely cut the butter tby half; maybe even less than that. Unfortunately, the dough was dense and flavorless the second time around.

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doniese71 August 03, 2010

I made the filling as written except used jalapeno for the habanero, but the dough I only had 1 T curry. Very easy to make and the dough is great to work with after the rest time. Served with Jamaican Jerk Potato Salad.

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adopt a greyhound April 29, 2010

This was the first homemade beef patty I had ever tried making and eating and it was pretty good. I used turkey meat and it was perfect! I had never eaten curry before and I have to say this was too strong of a curry taste for me. I am still trying to aquire a taste for it, half way through eating it the curry got to me and I had to take a break. I am also used to eating a more crispy flaky dough, but I think next time i make this i would use way less curry. I liked that the dough was very easy to handle. It was also very filling which is good.

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Meliciously Good October 23, 2009

Very authentic! 'Dis is da real ting man. Thanks for posting.

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Chef JjaJja February 01, 2009
Jamaican Beef Patties