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I made 18 cookies with this recipe.They are very shortbread like. Plain but would make a nice addition to a cookie tray.The orange zest does add a bit of yumminess I patted down some and used another method I use for a similar recipe I have done for years and that is to roll into a ball a bit smaller then a ping pong ball poke a "hole" then fill with jam. I found this kept the jam from oozing out a bit better then the patted down way. I think next time I will use some of the juice from the orange in place of the vanilla for some added flavour kick. A good cookie recipe to play around with by adding some different flavourings and jams. Not a WOW recipe but a nice addition to any cookbook. I did this for the "My 3 Chefs Fall 2008" challenge

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wicked cook 46 November 10, 2008
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