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Oh, MAN! I fried in a bit of oil, rather than deep frying. Drained really well on cake racks over paper towel. These froze nicely, then reheated at 350 deg for about 10 min or so. Easy, peasy!

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CheapThrills October 16, 2009

Gosh, I really thought I'd reviewed these the other day. They turned out so good I had to submit a photo. I had 50 peppers from the garden and used 2 pkg cream cheese, 1-1/2 cups shredded pepperjack, 1 cup cheddar, 1lb bacon-cooked, crumbled and processed to make it fine. I put all the filling in a ziploc bag, cut the corner and squeezed the filling into the pepper halves. I then put all of the peppers in the fridge on a jelly roll pan so the cream cheese mixture would firm up. I had made some fried zuchinni recently that suggested dipping in corn starch to help the coating stick so I decided to add some corn starch to my flour mixture. I didn't have bread crumbs so used club cracker crumbs for the first coating and then stuck them in the freezer while I ran to the store for bread crumbs. I then dipped the frozen or partially frozen poppers in the milk and bread crumbs and they looked perfect. I put them back on the jelly roll pans, back in the freezer and then into freezer ziploc bags. I took a few out later and fried them in oil and they turned out great. I'll definitely make these again. Thanks!

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*Huntergirl* September 28, 2009

These turned out amazing! We grew a ton of jalapenos in our garden this year and had tried other recipes for poppers, but they never seemed to turn out right. We found this recipe (mainly because it said they freeze well) and tried them out. We use our electric fryer because we almost had a fire from the pan of oil (too hot) and we are thinking about mixing some spices or pepper seeds into the cheese mixture to add a little more kick. We have made about 300 poppers according to this recipe and they taste great even without the added spices, but they are pretty mild in heat. We took a batch to a BBQ and got rave reviews. We separate them into little packs and Food-Saver them to re-heat in the oven, and it has worked out really well. This recipe is a keeper for sure!

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amanda.dobey September 13, 2009

These really are POPPERS! Really good! The hot pepper taste is offset by the crumbs outside and the cream cheese filling! These little morsels take awhile to make but once you have an "assembly line" running it isn't bad! =)Enjoyed making this recipe. Thanks for posting.

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Aroostook May 22, 2003

Okay, this was a trial run to see if we liked them and to see if they would freeze well. I made them because we want to make a bunch this summer when the peppers are in abundance and stick them in the freezer to keep for later. They worked perfectly. After we breaded them we froze them individually and threw them in a Ziploc. A bit of the breading came off, but for the most part it stayed on. And they baked up beautifully. LOVE this recipe. thank you for sharing.

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mommyoffour April 26, 2014

I chose this recipe partly because there were already so many positive reviews, and partly because the description said they freeze well. These little gems are delicious! Crispy, crunchy, with just a little kick. I wrapped the cheese mixture in plastic wrap and rolled it out and chilled it while I was cutting and blanching the peppers--it made it very easy to slice and mash into each pepper half. I baked mine at 375 for about 30 minutes and they were golden and delicious. I have frozen some and hope to find that they are just as delicious reheated. I'll report back.**Edit: These were just as good frozen and then reheated in the oven. I'm so happy because now I can have these any time!! Thanks for posting this fantastic recipe!

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Mommy2two May 09, 2011

We LOVE this recipe, I have tried many others and didn't get the "taste" that I wanted. These are time consuming but well worth it. I have made them a few times just put a batch in the freezer. Just wish I had found these sooner I wouldnt have given away so many jalapenos from my garden!!

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Teenie4356 October 24, 2010

I had to use more than twice as much flour and breadcrumbs listed, and I also baked mine at 350* for 45 minutes rather than fry them. I threw some salt and a pinch of a bunch of random spices into the flour and breadcrumbs as well, more in line with the recipe by Emeril I usually use. These do take a lot of time and effort, and go quickly! Emeril's recipe is much better, I think because of all the spices he uses, though I like that this one doesn't use eggs.

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SAHS October 23, 2010

These worked just as described and tasted great. The only reason I took a star away was that the blanching of the peppers released a cloud of acidic vapors - even the kids came down from upstairs coughing! Perhaps I had a batch of very strong jalapenos, I'm not sure, but I won't blanch them again without a window open and a fan blowing!

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Opal R. November 27, 2013

I goofed when making these. I added the milk to the cheese mixture! :) hahaha
To fix my error, I simmered the mixture and reduced it by about the same amount of milk I added (mixing constantly to avoid the mixture from burning and sticking to the pan). The resulting mixture turned out like a creamy cheese spread; nicely blended and very delicious!
For the cheese mixture, I took the advice from the other reviewers and mixed it up a bit. I used pepper jack cheese and sharp cheddar with the cream cheese then seasoned to add more flavor. I seasoned with salt, black pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, and chopped fresh cilantro.
I also used Italian bread crumbs as another reviewer mentioned. The breadcrumbs came seasoned nicely and added to the overall flavor.
Finally, instead of cutting the jalapenos in half, I cored them by cutting around the stem and removing the pulp and seeds. After stuffing them with the cheese mixture, I plugged the hole with the stem I had removed and held in place with a toothpick.
Very delicious!! I think they actually tasted better once they had cooled down to room temperature.

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alemore1 December 30, 2012
Jalapeno Poppers