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Very nice! Easy to make, a lovely color and a rich peach flavor. I did really heat up one of the jars...added pepper flakes and whole dried Thai peppers from my garden. I gave it to my nephew who loves hot food... a real Thai surprise!

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Aroostook December 08, 2002

I made this for my daughter and SIL's wedding reception. Because I'd made so many other dishes, I cut this by 1/3, but I shouldn't have done so. Everyone really liked it, two platters of it were cleaned, and I had many requests for the recipe. This is something that I'll make a lot, including to have available around here as a breakfast jam...mmmm!!. I did add a bit more allspice and added some cinnamon. The red jalapenos look gorgeous in this mixture. I also used two bags of frozen peaches, thawed and didn't puree, just let everything boil away together until very tender and thick, stirring very often, then mashing with my potato masher into small chunks. I would imagine this could be poured into freezer canning containers and frozen successfully longer than a month. In any case, this one is truly delicious, versatile, and fun to make. Thanks for the keeper

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Vina June 10, 2008

Yum!!! spicy sunshine in a jar!! I had 5# of peaches from our trees, so I started with fresh peaches and added 1/2 cup of pineapple juice. I also added red pepper flakes because I didn't have enough fresh jalpenos on hand to increase the amount accordingly. This is a recipe I will make often.

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Susie D August 22, 2004

Delicious!! Followed the recipe exactly and the spread was perfect!! I will be making this again. Also I know two friends that will love it as gifts at Christmas. Thanks HeatherFeather for another keeper

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RecipeNut May 16, 2004
Jalapeno Peach Spread