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I am usually a very strict follower of recipes, but I was searching out a recipe that came close to a dish I ate in a restaurant last week. This was the closest I found. To give the recipe the punch I wanted, I used 3 LARGE jalapenos and left in about 10 to 15 seeds. I also used almost a full teaspoon of cayenne, and 7 or 8 cloves of garlic. Used 3 green onions from my garden (the bottom few inches only) instead of half a small onion, sprinkled in some paprika, and added a 15.25 oz. can of corn. Left out the bread crumbs just because I had none. I did not add salt other than to the water for noodles, and did not miss it at all. I have the flavor totally where I want it (maybe too much garlic for others), and I am going to play with the cheese, milk and flour next time to get enough of a liquid where it will bubble while baking. Might try tabasco sometime for a change of pace, but I am seriously in love with this spicy dish!!!

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freshisbest27 June 10, 2012

I was really excited to try this recipe out based on the scrumptious photo and a craving for mac n' cheese. Unfortunately, the final product turned into a nearly inedible mess. Firstly, I would have halved the amount of breadcrumbs (and probably the flour) as well. All the creaminess I savoured as I initially tasted the cheese sauce disappeared once I pulled the dish out of the oven. Secondly, to echo previous reviewers, some seasoning would have really spiced this dish up. I tried using two jalapenos instead of three, and it was still too spicy for me, but I won't hold that against the recipe. Overall, there was a lot of potential, but I'll make some changes if I am to make this again.

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pinksneeze January 14, 2013

I thought it was a little bland . . . despite the kick from the pepper, it was missing something. Not sure what - salt? I didn't add any - maybe I should have. I used poblanos because the jalapenos in my store looked a little "tired," and dried minced onions because I was out of onions. I also thought the sauce was a bit thick - might use 3 T flour vs. 5, and maybe add a bit more cheese.

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agileangus December 01, 2011

This is very, very good. It is the only way I make mac & cheese now.

I have made it with and without breadcrumbs and prefer it without as it is not as dry. Be warned, though, depending on the size of the jalapenos, it can be very hot. If you want it mild, 2 jalapenos will still give you heat.

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birdzila January 13, 2011

This was pretty good. Not really as creamy as I would've liked. But that could be my fault as I added less flour. I will say, the flavor was still awesome. I did add a little salt.

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Linajjac January 08, 2008

DH & I really enjoyed this. I halved the recipe easily, but used the full amount of cumin & cayenne. I used skim milk & whole-wheat macaroni. The flavor is good & spicy. The cheese/milk mixture was a little thick - I think i needed to use more milk to make it more creamy - and I didn't use as many breadcrumbs, but this was a delicious weeknight side to baked chicken nuggets, a salad & Roasted Green Beans. It came together really quickly too - I baked about 15 min.

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newspapergal July 24, 2007

This was good I skipped adding the flour and used homemade bread crumbs also with a little burrito seasoning to keep it more mexican tasting. Thanks!

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Jamilahs_Kitchen July 08, 2007

This was very good, although I used a 4 oz. can of minced jalepeno because I did not have fresh ones, and added some cayenne as well. I love spicy food. :) I will be making this again, and congrats on a very easy and tasty mac & cheese. :)

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*OzMan* March 12, 2007

Very good and hit the spot as far as comfort food goes, but definitely needs more seasoning as it was a little bland until I added a few things(salt, pepper, cayenne, etc). I used poblanos instead of jalapenos and whole wheat shells instead of elbows because that was what I had on hand. The only thing that kept this from being a 5-star recipe is the lack of seasoning, but otherwise a very solid macaroni and cheese dish. I'm reviewing this dish for PAC Fall '06.

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Columbus Foodie September 26, 2006
Jalapeno Macaroni & Cheese Casserole