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Very, very good. A big hit at the WWE Vengeance pay per view party. Omitting the oil made a perfect cornbread for crumbling into a nice, 3 alarm chili. I chopped 5 medium (fresh) jalapenos in my Cuisinart, seeds and all, nearly to the point of puree - I hate biting into whole jalapenos in my cornbread - and it made every bite fiery good! With the onions I did just the opposite - using large pieces - just chopped - and the long cooking time mellowed them out into nice juicy bits that countered the jalapeno fire. Maybe use the whole can of creamed corn instead of just a cup, and sweet tooths should up the sugar to a tbsp - I didn't notice any sweetness at all.

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Chris White July 28, 2003
Jalapeno Cornbread