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I made this using frozen corn (it's hard to find fresh this time of year.) I used half cream and half milk, because I wanted to finish off the open container of cream, but it worked perfectly. It probably would have been thinner than I like if I had used all milk. We went with the pimentos because it's what we had on hand, but the roasted red peppers sound delish. We did feel the need to add some fresh ground black pepper to it, but that was all. It's a very beautiful, colorful soup plus it's quick and easy to make. Perfect for a busy, cold winters day.

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whtbxrmom January 02, 2015

Very pretty soup, if you like to admire what you eat! I used frozen corn, skim milk, the roasted peppers and 2 fresh jalapenos. I thought two jalapenos was a few too many for this soup and I enjoy spicy foods. We topped with feta cheese, but didn't think it really did anything for the soup. My husband and I ate the entire batch for supper, so I'm not sure if it'd feed four as a main course. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, I think an addition of ground pepper would be beneficial.

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Brooke the Cook in WI January 26, 2008

This was wonderful! I made a half batch for dh and I for lunch. I used 5 slices of jarred jalapenos as that is all I had and used milk instead of cream mixed with some cornstarch to thicken it up. I loved the feta cheese on top and next time I might try some cheddar. Thanks for the great recipe!

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SweetsLady October 22, 2007

Wonderful soup with a nice combination of flavors. I used a little more red pepper than called for and 1 jalapeno. Next time I will add even more of both and thicken it a little more. The feta sunk to the bottom of the bowl but was delicious when you could get a bite before it all melted. Thanks acid.

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lazyme April 15, 2007

This recipe is originally from Better Homes and Gardens. Jalapeno corn chowder is a staple at our house. We make it in huge batches and freeze the leftovers. It heats up perfectly--great for a quick dinner! I don't use pimentos but I double the roasted red peppers. It cooks up a lovely pink color! We don't like feta, so we garnish it with a Mexican blend. The cream isn't necessary--the milk makes it plenty creamy enough. We always puree the corn and about half of the peppers pretty smooth, then throw in the rest of the peppers. We add about a teaspoon of black pepper too. Give this recipe a try--it's wonderful!

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SweetPeaNC December 02, 2006

This is an excellent recipe for late summer and Fall. It was just a bit thinne than I likes me chowder - but that was easily fixed using 8 ears corn and/or a can of creamed corn and 1/2 - 3/4 cup cream. I just found this recipe a month ago and am on my 3rd batch. Best served w/ a couple of warmed flower tortillas for dipping.

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Carrion Crow August 21, 2005
Jalapeno Corn Chowder