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FYI, Rejuvelac is the water in which you have soaked sprouted wheat berries for about 9 hours until they ferment. So, Rejucelac is fermented, sprouted wheat berry water....yuk! I am definitely a proponent of raw food, but this stuff is too radical for me. Let me know if anyone out there actually uses it, and like it.

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Geema January 22, 2003

Well...I can't rate this yet... but also can't wait to try it! I want to add this to some of "Yogi's" recipes for a special dinner for my VERY picky vegetarian girls. I think I will also use plain water..LOL ... well update: July 2/09.. tried it... not my thing but the girls in my family enjoyed it quite a bit. After reading Geema's info on the water, I think I am ok using tap water,hehe. Thank you for posting such a unique recipe.

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Marmie's July 03, 2009

Good stuff! :) I tried it with the rejuvelac ( I have been making that as a beve of late and think it is yummy... it has a bit of bubble to it, so I think it changes the "chemistry" of the recipe a bit from what H2O would {{maybe???}} )...I also added extra lemon juice and the zest as well because the tart zing really helped to lend a sort of "sharp cheesy" flavor...I used 2 huge hot peppers fresh from my garden and I am not 100% sure what type they are...but they are hot and excellent :) I threw in lots of mixed coarse pepper with the sea salt & added more sun-dried tomato (again increasing the acidity and also adding a bit of sweet to the spice :)--- Really good stuff...served as a dip with carrots and with Raw "tacos" rolled up in lettuce wraps with onion and salsa & onion topping as an all veggie raw "taco"!!! SO YUM! Thanks Missy Wombat :)

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free-free July 04, 2008

Nice "cheese" though it doesn't REALLY taste like cheese it is a nice substitute. Smooth and buttery from the mac nuts, with a little kick from the chili. The jalapeno flavor was just perfect after this was made, but the next day it needed a little more kick. Maybe because it was chilled. This stuff takes a long time to blend till smooth, but it was worth it. It makes a good dip for veggies or topping on nachos. Next time I will use less water to start, then gradually add it till I get the thickness I want (it was a tad thin but firmed up a bit after refrigerating), and maybe play around with the recipe a bit and add garlic or more tomatoes. I used good old water, not the rejuvelac. (and I'm glad I did after reading Geema's description!) Thanks for posting this one, Missy!

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yogi January 09, 2006
Jalapeno Cheese