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In response to a direct question to Bergy, this is what I did for DH...Drizzled the bread with Olive Oil and baked til crispy on ALL sides but still slightly soft in the middle as is his preference. Removed the bread from the oven and rubbed with a Garlic Clove. Topped with Smoked Oysters, very thin sliced Red Onion, as much Jalapeno as would "stay" and a drizzle of Lemon Juice (Capers were ommitted). DH raved over it! Smoked Oysters is always his "Treat" when we go camping and something he enjoys around the campfire. Looks like I'll have to start thinking more "Gourmet" next camping trip! :) Thanks Bergy for a GREAT treat to serve my husband!!

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SloppyJoe July 25, 2010
Jalapeno and Sardine Tartines