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These are HOT in every way. I couldn't get Jalapenos, so I used what they call here in Germany Big Red Holland Chilis (Scoville value of 10.000). They are smaller, so I served some of the stuffing without the chilis. The stuffing is awesome. The mint flavour was wonderful. The chilis were hot, real hot. Be sure to have enough to drink around. LOL A great snack and a party hit. Thanks.

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Thorsten June 19, 2006

Wow, these were too hot, even after browning for a few minutes longer than recommended time. However, I have high marks for the stuffing (mint was a great touch). Tried some stuffing prior to browning, and loved it. I split my peppers without cutting in half entirely also, and had trouble browning uniformly. Extra heat may also have been a result of strength of jalapeno peppers I used. (Caused me to cough and sneeze considerably while seeding and deveining.) My BF ate one and liked it, but the next one was too hot for him and he stopped. I ate two, and although I think I have a high tolerance for heat they were still too hot for me. Maybe if I had blanched peppers first, they would have been less hot and softer. Also, stuffing reduces considerably while heating, might want to really pack it in full. Really liked the stuffing though, will try this again with milder peppers as I also liked the relatively low-cal nature of these rellenos. Finally, I could not find queso fresco so I used pepper jack. Thank you!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend June 17, 2006

Boy did these little suckers ever go over well at Dugans poker party! Inhaled. I had to make four batches of the darn things. By the fourth batch I was out of mint so I had to come up with some divine inspiration. Since the boys are just big dumb hillbillies I snagged the bean dip off of the poker table during a cigar break and put a tsp of that on each half before assembling and frying. Sort of a jalepeno nacho. It was quite good, actually. I chuckled to myself because I knew that the boys were going to be suffering some gastointestinal "distress" the next day. Dugan wants to alert EVERYONE to eat these in moderation despite being so delicious. LOL. I used Mama's preparation method of splitting and cleaning and think that worked out better for me and they were so pretty. "Butt" deadly, however. You have been warned.

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Pot Scrubber June 06, 2006

Excellente! Loved the touch of mint in these! To make it easier to scrape the seeds and membrane I cut the chilies in half rather than cut the end off and stuff. That meant that I could not brown the top side in the skillet as the recipe directed. So after browning the bottom of the chilies on the stovetop I placed the skillet under the broiler for a few minutes to brown the top of the relleno and the cheese. Dont get sidetracked tho- like I did- it only takes a few minutes to brown the tops! Very nice appy! Great recipe! Thanks

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) January 10, 2006
Jalapeños Rellenos (Stuffed Jalapenos)