Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

I worked for a number of years in a women's correctional facility and these were a regular treat. You won't believe how good they are. Put a good tablespoon full of jam in each donut

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  1. Heat oil in your deep fryer to 375-380 degrees F.
  2. Spread your favorite jam on 12 slices of the bread (fruit jams or jelly are best rather than marmalade).
  3. Cover with another slice of the crustless bread and cut the sandwich into any shape you want, into thre pieces to make a Bismark type of doughnut, or cut them into four squares, whatever pleases you.
  4. Beat the eggs, milk, sugar and Vanilla together.
  5. LIGHTLY DIP both sides of the dougnut in the egg mixture (do not soak the doughnut).
  6. When deepfryer has reached the right temperature (375-380f) drop in a few doughnuts and fry about 2 minutes on each side. It is extremely important that you have the temperature high enough and do not soak the bread in the egg just dip them or you will end up with soggy, greasy lumps.
  7. They should be golden and crisp.
  8. Wait a few minutes between batches to ensure the temp is hot enough or you will end up with a grease soaked doughnut.
  9. Drain on a rack.
  10. If you wish you can drizzle icing sugar over them just after you remove them from the fryer or have them plain.


Most Helpful

How unique!! I made them with my homemade strawberry jam, and you're right! I can't believe how good they are. Thanks for sharing.

MizzNezz January 04, 2002

These were really good and easy to make. My son and his friend thought they were great! I made them using homemade whole wheat bread and homemade blueberry jelly. Yummmm. Also, because I hate to waste anything, I took the pieces of crust and dipped them in the leftover egg mixture and deep-fried them as you would french fries. I made a dip for them out of icing sugar, touch of milk, and a drop of butternut flavoring (any flavour would do). These were as good as the donuts!

68Ranchero April 17, 2002

Bergy has asked that I give this recipe an unbiased test, since I do have experience in this area (recipe testing), and I was pleased to do so and had the following results. Jailhouse Doughnuts would have rated a full five from me based on taste, but the instructions could be a little more explicit so I chose a 4-star rating. The proportions of milk to egg were fine; I believe any less milk would result in too eggy a concoction. I lightly dipped each "sandwich" in the egg mixture, then slipped them into several inches of hot oil (375F) and deepfried for 2 mins per side; then placed them on paper towels to drain. They were quite crispy on the outside, and quite jammy (I used blueberry) on the inside; they did not remind me of french toast at all. They made for a lovely treat; I just wish they "looked" less like sandwiches :-) Perhaps a different cutting method would help. I believe the trick here is having enough deepfrying oil in your pot, and making sure it is at at least 375F before adding each new batch. Also, don't undercook; the one batch I specifically undercooked (at only 1 minute per side) was edible, but definitely not as good as the ones fried longer.

Lennie January 24, 2002

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