Jacket Potatoes W/Herbed Cottage Cheese (Diabetic Friendly)

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

This recipe is from the "Low-Fat Cooking" cookbook of the Australian Womens Weekly Cookbook series & was described as suitable for diabetics. It seemed so basic to me & I was certain it would have already been posted to RZ, but I was unable to find it. DH & I have been eating baked potatoes this way for eons w/the addition of garlic & McCormick Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Salt, so I showed them as opt adds. Time does not include time to bake or microwave potatoes. *Enjoy* !

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  1. Combine cottage cheese w/onion, parmesan cheese, herbs & opt adds (if using).
  2. Cut a deep cross in ea potato & gently press sides to open the cross. Fill & mound herbed cottage cheese equally among the 6 potatoes & serve immediately.
  3. NOTE: If you want a smooth texture or simply want to disguise the cottage cheese from the kids, use a stick blender to puree it till smooth & then mix in the herbs & seasonings. They'll prob think it's the best sour cream they've ever tasted. :-).