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Amazing!!!!! I've gone over to the Jack in the Box site for all the ingredient list and compared side by side to this recipe, and you nailed it!!! This really does taste like the original or the closest thing to it. Those that purport to be copycat tacos do not have the vegetable protein and soy grits included. I made this with regular grits since it's hard to find soy grits and it came out just as good. Also many add beans as already pointed out by another reviewer, but I suspect beans are added to make the beef texture smoother without adding vegetable protein - so in an effect it is taking the place of vegetable protein which beans are since vegetable protein is normally made with soy beans. Great taste too - thank you so much for posting this. I've always liked Jack in the Box tacos - never understood it, but now I do.

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Rinshinomori December 03, 2011

Finally found the Textured Soy Protein at a health food store!! These are GREAT! I did hve a bit of a problem with my tortilla shells cracking after putting in the filling. I have a certain brand I buy in the NW Florida area after much testing and making my own)but I heat them in a hot skillet on both sides and put warm, not hot filling in them. Lay on cookie sheet, then fill another and lay halfway on top of the first, kind of sealing the top. Have done a lot of test tacos, all were good, but now have it down pat. I do put my mix in a blender also to give it the Jack-in-the-Box texture. You also must make the sauce or hoard up on the real stuff when you go home and refrigerate.

Thank you for all your help Majic Spice
PS Do you have a kick --- BBQ Rib recipe?

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pncnewton October 06, 2011

This is an excellent recipe.

I have been in search of a good copycat Jack In The Box recipe for years and the most widely cast and common versions call for beans, which is an immediate tip-off that the authors did not do their homework. That is not the case with "Magic Spice". Clearly there was a lot of considerate research and hard trial and error that led to this great recipe.
I used Red Mill dehydrated Textured Vegetable Protein, which left the recipe with a very slight odd taste. Next time I will probably try something different like Gimme Lean Textured Soy, or something like that.

I also found the texture to be a little chunky relative to the almost paste-like mixture experienced with Jack In The Box Tacos, so I did use a blender to turn the mixture into more of a paste.

Highly recommended, I will make again and again!

Thank you Magic Spice.

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stephenmbrandt May 21, 2011

Not sure what possessed me yesterday, but I had a craving for JITB tacos, and since I'm far removed from my beloved Houston, I thought having them was impossible. I really had no hope of finding a real recipe. My wife and I have had the debate several times about what is really in the tacos. Now I know! Like Rinshinomori, I went to the website and compared the ingredients--they're exactly the same. Of course, ingredients do not a recipe make--you have to know how much of each ingredient to use. This recipe is spot on. I couldn't find textured vegetable protein, so I used used more soy flour, and it worked out okay.

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jsyersiii January 21, 2012

These tacos really taste like the ones from Jack in the Box, my husband LOVES them. I did find that 3 Tablespoons of filling was too much for us, so I use 1 Tablespoon for every tortilla. I couldn't find any soy flour or grits locally so I used an equal amount of masa corn flour instead. Also, like some other reviewers, I liked the texture better when I blended the ground beef up with the seasoning mix. Really though, minor stuff and it tastes amazing without the changes too. Love this recipe!

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CookingWifey March 18, 2012

Just prepd them for frying tomorrow. From what I can tell from cooking the beef fro the recipe above , that it smells just like them and I brought back my own JINB taco sauce from the fast food stores when I was Just there in December. Nice job girl These are my favorite item!

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erric101 January 02, 2012

Let me start this review by saying that I grew up on Jack In The Box (JITB) tacos and they are my single favorite food on the planet. When I saw this recipe, I jumped for joy as I had already tried the other one and it wasn't even close. <br/><br/>To start the adventure, I decided to get the exact ingredients listed.... $50 and 3 days later I had either ordered the ingredients online or went to the store. As $50 would buy me 100 tacos, lets see if this is worth it:<br/><br/>Day 1: I spent 3 hours in the kitchen making the meat and preparing the corn tortillas (I doubled the recipe). I ended up with a little over 60 tacos.<br/><br/>Day 2: After freezing overnight, I deep fried them and added shredded lettuce, cheese (borden brand) and ORIGINAL taco sauce that I picked up when I was in CA.<br/><br/>Results: I think that they were close to JITB, but a little bit sweeter tasting meat. I had to reduce the oil temp between 300 and 325 degrees (for 2 1/2 min) in order to fry the tacos longer because with 3 Tablespoons of meat, deep frying for 1 minute caused them to still be frozen inside. Speaking of, 3 TBSP meat is way too much - in order to be completly authentic, you must skimp on the filling as I've never had JITB tacos where the filling squishes out the other end. For my second batch, I put in 1 TBSP meat per tortilla and I'll see what happens then. <br/><br/>Overall, very awesome - thanks for posting the recipe!

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ocean_blue_starfish November 14, 2013

Do Not Use Ground Beef! Use Libby's Canned Corned Beef!!!

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Lloyd R. March 06, 2014

Outstanding! My husband and I grew up with these in Southern California and haven't had them in years. My family devoured them and asked for more. I doubled the recipe and I'm glad I did because the second batch was easier to make because the filling was cold. It cooled down the tortillas faster and they were easier to freeze. I had most ingredient on hand and I thought the recipe was easy to follow. Thank you so much!

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Coritoto November 21, 2013

Never been to jack in the box but liked these tacos

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GingerlyJ March 09, 2011
Jack in the Box Beef Tacos (Copycat)