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This recipe was really great! I have never cooked calamari or made a beurre blanc sauce before but wanted to recreate a recipe from a local restaurant. I thought it would take several tries to get it right but this recipe was beyond expectations. My husband and I loved it! Next time I will try sauteing the calamari instead of deep frying as I don't really like to fry food. I will also try spicing up the calamari some (maybe some blackened seasoning). The sauce is perfect the way it is but, with this much butter, it is quite decadent. The tomatoes, green onions and capers are a great addition to the sauce and so good with the calamari. PS - I used frozen calamari rings (just rings - not breaded) from WalMart (seafood section - 1 lb. bag) and breaded them with Drakes Crispy FryMix (the only Drakes product in my grocery) which I used like flour.

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czhalls_12281417 May 13, 2012

Nicely balanced dish, light and heavy all at the same time. Tasty in a subtle way. As suggested, might work out well just sauteed, without breading the calamari, just to make it a bit lighter.

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rosslare June 29, 2013

This recipe was absolutely amazing. A classy and balanced, Julia Child-esque classic french preparation that beams in its simplicity. The tomatoes and lemon juice bring great acidity to balance the density of calamari steaks. I used the precut steaks from Whole Foods, flattened them a wee bit more, used olive oil(no canola on these thighs) and cut down on the butter by 1/2. This is one to serve to guests!

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jay.mcgow January 24, 2011
J. Baldwin's Calamari With Beurre Blanc Sauce: