It's Almost Summer BBQ Chicken With Salsa

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

Made for Good Things Are Cooking Here!! (A non-cooking game) In the Australian/New Zealand Cooking Forum - Please note that the marinating time isn't included in the prep time.

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  1. In a saucepan mix chicken stock, cornflour and Dijon mustard. Reduce over low heat.
  2. Cool the sauce and divide into two equal quantities. Reserve one for a dressing.
  3. With the other half of the sauce add chicken pieces and marinate overnight.
  4. Next day placed chicken on skewer sticks then discard left over marinate. Pre-heat barbecue and set aside chicken until you finished making the salsa.
  5. In a medium bowl add diced onions, diced capsicums and diced tomatoes, mix well with the reserved dressing.
  6. BBQ chicken until golden brown, then serve with salsa and enjoy.
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This was really quick and simple. I skipped the marinating because of the limited time I had and I added pre-made salad dressing in the salsa, because I thought the marinated mixture would be to rich for us. The flavours of the salsa was really yummy and the chicken was tasty, I also garnished the chicken with dollops of Dijon mustards for extra flavour. Thank you Aus/NZ Chef's

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Made a really nice light summer meal! The sauce was really good with the salsa although probably wasn't strong enough to make a good marinade. After reserving the sauce it would probably be worth either adding more Dijon or maybe just serve as a sauce over the grilled chicken, that would also make it something you could put together just before cooking.