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This is a great recipe. My sister, the vegetable queen, says this is better than any quiche I have prepared. Refrigerates well, and is just as good cold the next day. The only thing I changed was to use more mustard on the dough.

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Darkhunter August 24, 2003

This was really good. I used both unpeeled zuchhini & yellow squash. The orignial recipe on Pillsbury wesite calls for a 10 inch pie pan, which I used (big mistake); I think that the Crescent rolls (no need for Grands), could be doubled to cover the larger pan called for in this recipe. <br/>I had a lot of 'juice" to drain off, otherwise, I don' think it ever would've finished cooking in the 10" pie pan before the crust would burn. All in all, I thought it was very good. Used up about 4 squash, added some extra herbs after my draining fiasco. Placed under the broiler to brown right before it was finished, drizzled with EVOO and some Sicilian Bread Dipping herbs. Thanks for sharing!

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Larawithoutau June 26, 2013

This is a really good easy casserole to make. It's packed with flavor and great to take for lunches or even cold. However, I did have problems with the recipe but not so bad because I was able to work it out by smoothing the crescent squares out until the fit the pan in a very thin layer. Because I used the shopping list feature when making my list to go to the grocery store it didn't show that I should have gotten a can of the GRANDS crescent rolls. It just showed what was printed on the recipe itself, I suggest changing that in the ingredients list for future users, since I myself use the shopping list feature a lot when I tag recipes to try. However that little bump, did not change or diminish what I thought of the recipe what so ever.

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RHIANNA T. August 04, 2007

Very good recipe. I used a combination of zucchini and yellow squash. Otherwise, followed recipe exactly. Would like to experiment with different herbs, spices and/or cheeses in the future. Thanks, Jeanette.

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sybrsuzy July 18, 2004
Italian Zucchini Crescent Casserole