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{As you can guess, I wrote the previous review of these cookies (username FairyCakes) and I had to change my name because food.com would not allow me to change my password. I had to make an entirely new account }
UPDATE on this recipe. I made these cookies again and I have some suggestions. I used a different type of almond paste (Odense brand) and these cookies came out inferior to the ones I made with Solo brand. The flavor was lacking in all areas especially in the almond flavor. The product was not old. In fact it expires two years from now. Also, Odense was too hard and even when I pulsed it in a blender, the cooked cookies revealed large chunks of paste. This was very disappointing. Please consider using Solo brand almond paste and using the entire 8 oz. even though this recipe calls for 7 oz. Also, I substituted cake flour and the cookies were almost doubled in height and much moister. A few people have commented that their cookies were sort of thin and they wish they were a little taller. Try this tip. It might work for you. Okay...that's all! Happy baking everyone. Have fun.

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FairyCakes1 November 08, 2010

The cookies came out great my grandma would be so proud.

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cuturen March 18, 2011

absolutely perfect! 100%..... mmmmmm

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brinaboys November 14, 2010

These cookies are simply DIVINE! Nobody believed that I had actually made them. They thought I bought them at a bakery. Actually, they told me that mine tasted better than authentic Italian bakery cookies. My husband keeps on talking about the cookies and is begging me to make them again. They are super easy to make.
I altered the recipe a little bit. I actually made a chocolate layer by adding cocoa powder and it made the layer significantly thicker without sacrificing flavor or texture. I also changed the color to suit a Halloween theme by making one layer orange, another yellow and the other natural chocolate color (from the cocoa powder). I also used Smart Balance butter instead of real butter because I wanted a low fat version. Honestly, I don't believe anyone knew the difference. The cookies came out amazing! The only part I had difficulty with is the chocolate topping. My chocolate did not melt well with the Smart Balance because there wasn't enough fat content I suppose. The chocolate didn't spread well and next time I make these I will actually use real butter for the top or I will use Crisco.
Cutting these cookies are also easy. I was afraid I would mess up so bad but I used a long, serrated knife and it was a breeze.
If you have someone to impress, MAKE THESE COOKIES!! Yum!

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FairyCakes October 24, 2010

Thank you so much for posting this! I unfortunately don't have my Grandmother's recipe for these cookies, but thanks to you I was able to make them last Christmas for my family. They came out perfect! Just like Grandma's. I made my father so proud by making these and can't wait to make them again this Christmas!

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lovemygta September 24, 2011

I too found this recipe in Good housekeeping mag.in 2001 I've been makeing these ever since then, everyone LOVES them, however I have tweeked this to be my own, here are a couple things I have done a little differnet...the apricot perserves I put in a food processer, I only put enough on each layer to use it as a glue to hole it all together..and I only put enough chocolate on top to cover (Not too thick) when I'm ready to cut them, I take it out of the fridge & leave it on the counter for about 45 minutes, this way when you cut them the chocolate doesn't crack

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Mima's kichen August 14, 2011

I can't thank you enough for this recipe!! All of my Italian friends and family went crazy for them...and they look so pretty! Reading the recipe is daunting, however they are quite easy to make. I also used yellow food coloring for the untinted layer. Thank you!!!

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SometimesIBake December 23, 2010

This recipe is totally easy! When I do it again, I will use 3 cookie sheets as opposed to 3-8x8 pans so that I can make even more! Also, the batter didn't make the layers as thick as I wanted so I will add a little extra to each batter to make an overall thicker cookie. I think I will try using Nutella for the top to give it a little something extra! It is amazing how the wax paper and flour just lets the cake pop off - I was afraid of it sticking. Amazing recipe!

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ampumpers December 05, 2009

I've been using this recipe for a couple of years now and I get loads of compliments every time!! Everyone that's had one of these cookies can't believe that it's homemade. thanks italianmomof2!!!!

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mglebreton April 11, 2009

This was the best recipe i have found. They were delicious and just like the bakery ones i buy at the italian pastery store.

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babycakes40 March 17, 2009
Italian Tri-Color Cookies (Rainbow Cookies)