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My six year old wanted me to make this because he had a tartufo once in a restaurant. I was a bit sceptical not because of the recipe, but because ice cream recipes just don't work for me! This recipe not only worked for me, but I made it as a treat for my son's 7th birthday and all the kids wanted more! Great recipe, thanks for posting it.

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Hodgi May 13, 2008

WHOA! Is this a Rich dessert, but it's wonderfully amazing too! I made just 2 little changes to this recipe. 1st instead of using the muffin tins I used a semi circle mold that I had on hand (they look so pretty rounded, have to see if someone took pictures) and 2nd I coated these little darlings in chocolate, first I put the melted chocolate down on the cookie sheet (that was lined in parchment.. no mess!) and I placed the tartufo on top of the chocolate and then spooned more chocolate over them for a nice even coating, Put them in the freezer until it was ready for service and then a drop of whipped cream and a cherry on top, they barely melted at all and looked just as good as they tasted... Magnifico Ashbabe. Made this recipe for my nephew's Christening Party and it was a Super Hit!!

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OneQuackedChef May 13, 2008

This is quite a sweet treat. I do think it would be better suited to being served in a lovely glass goblet rather than foil muffin cups. It has much more of an icecream texture than the heavy/thick truffle texture I expected because of setting up in muffin or cupcake cups. It was starting to melt even as I took the photo's so really would not hold up to being served this way for a dinner party, which is more when I would serve such a dessert. I loved the crunch of the coarse chopped chocolate. I used a 85% dark chocolate and it was perfect with the creamy sweetness of the main part.

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Beautiful BC April 29, 2008
Italian Tartufo